Reflection Blog #6

I particularly enjoyed reading the Freud chapter, probably because I’m in a Psychology class and I highly regret not taking AP Psychology this year. Although I know that some of his ideas were proven wrong years later, I do admire his look on life and the identification of the different phases of a human being’s life, he was able to analyze reality in a much different and analytical way than the other philosophers we’ve studied, which I like. Moreover, I am interested in dream theories and the significance of dreams, and I think Freud made a provocative but important point in the matter.

On the other hand, I am not particularly liking the storyline. Unfortunately, as the seniors are leaving and need to return their school books, this will officially become one of the very few books I never finished reading. To be honest, it’s not even the storyline that I don’t like, I’m sure it twists at some point towards the end of the novel, but rather the way it’s written. Another one of the reasons I want to study languages (and I’ve started studying Norwegian) is to read books and literature in its first language, the language it was written in. I’m sure dear ol’ Jostein is actually a good writer, I just wish we had a different translation.


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