Connection post #7

I liked reading about Marxism; I have long felt the need to get informed about it since many of its aspects are still live and present in today’s society. I met hundreds of people since last summer, with the trip to Milan to get a Visa, to Rome to leave the country, and to Michigan, and I know that many of them (not the majority, but more than I had imagined) believe in communism or are influenced by its ideology. I don’t deny being of socialist ideas, and I mostly formed this belief since I left my mother’s home, but I wasn’t aware of the number of people that are linked to communist or communist-like parties. Now I know what they talk (or seem to talk) about, and I can tell whether I agree or not agree on specific topics.

More generally (a lot more generally), I think the American bipartisan government has many commodities and strengths, but also some flaws. Identifying with one party or the other has become really difficult, as the world acknowledges minorities and differences in its population literally every day, and I think there is no real representation for them in the national government, while there is still struggle for local representation. I know the United States are just now starting to reconsider accepting communism as an ideology (a utopistic one, but still an ideology), and that’s why I want to make this point; American socialists are not represented and therefore generally mocked by politicians as weak and powerless, just like their ideology. I’m starting to feel bitter about a system of several parties if it is not regulated enough, too, like what’s happening in Italy. There are very similar parties who cannot agree on one topic, and therefore split their voting poll and make it difficult to reach the quorum in any decision, and there are consequent “alliances” of parties, made up on unstable premises of “I give in this, you give in that” and with unclear purposes.

Simply, I’m starting to feel bitter about Politics. And I’m only seventeen!


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