Reflection Post

This time, I didn’t really enjoy reading about the Middle Ages. It has never interested me as a historical period itself, and the overall line of thought is, in my regards, almost plain and unexciting. Probably my past experiences influence me to the point where I particularly despise St. Augustine’s philosophy, in which he rearranges Platonic ideas in a Christian world. I have always been fond of Plato and his reasoning, but I don’t like comparing his world of Ideas to a god’s divine mind. Moreover, St. Augustine’s division between good (God’s work) and evil (falling away from God’s work) is rather extreme; I guess in the Middle Ages this separation was normal, in a simplistic type of society it’s easier to reduce the world to black and white. However, I generally think there is way more than that. On the other hand, Thomas Aquinas’ philosophy and his proof of God’s existence are, to me, shallow and unsatisfying. His four cosmological arguments don’t prove any god’s existence in a definite way, however logical it could be, and his teleological argument still doesn’t provide actual evidence: analogy only works up to a certain degree.

But maybe it’s just me, I am rather sensitive to religious matters and faith in general, I can’t give in to something that can’t be cleared by logic.


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