Connection Post

I love Renaissance. Perhaps it’s because I live in Italy and I take pride in my country’s historical achievements, perhaps it’s just because Renaissance it’s one of my favorite historical periods. I love the concept of rebirth, and what happens during the Renaissance is exactly that: they went back to glorious past eras and rebuilt the world on that ancient magnificence. But they didn’t stop there. They worked to start over, and go on. The incredible discoveries they found are what allowed us to reach this point in technology, and physics, and arts.

I see a lot of “let us go back to our former glory, we deserve it” in our lives today. Statements like these have two major fallacies in them. First of all, one can’t go back a former glory if there was no glory to begin with. Where we are now is glory (in many regards, not all yet), and many times the past just pales in comparison. We live in a world that is the most inclusive and diverse world we have ever lived in, this is what glory is now; it’s sad to think that there still are people who don’t think this is glorious and want to return to the time where they had glory, but it was all for themselves. Second of all, if there was a former glory, then let’s bring it back, we need it. But then, let us move on. We need change, we need to adapt, new generations on the rise are going to bring it anyway, so why fight it? Compromise.There is no way the world will ever stay the same for more than a couple of generations (these days, not even one), so:  compromise with the future. The future is necessary, the past is only there to teach us what did not work so that we don’t make the same mistakes again.


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